Mountainbiking in the Garden City

Christchurch Adventure Park

One of the outdoor activities Christchurch has become well known for is mountainbiking, especially since the opening of the spectacular Christchurch Adventure Park.

The unfortunate fire on Christchurch’s Port Hills last year meant the Park had to close for a while to rebuild, but it’s back up and running again now and attracting mountainbikers from around the globe.

If you’re keen to visit Christchurch and make the most of the trails around the Port Hills and within the Park itself, we can pick you and your bike up from the Airport (we’re just 5 minutes drive away), store your gear and even organise a shuttle up to the Park itself if you need it.

The trails in the park on the whole are not for the fainthearted, and the chair lift to the top makes sure you get the best experience – plus the best views on your way down.

Despite that, you can also take the younger bikers in your family up there and know they will be well catered for.

Views from the 1.8km long chairlift across the Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps and the coast are simply spectacular and there is really no better vantage point on a sunny day, any time of year. (If you’re not a mountainbiker you can simply buy the sightseeing pass and enjoy the ride and the views).

Elsewhere on the Port Hills, there are plenty of additional tracks that you can ride at no cost – apart from a few spare parts and tyres perhaps!

Check out some of these while you are in town:

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